Nottingham Chinese Christian Church (NCCC) –

Theme and Preaching Schedule 2022

THEME:   Living as the people of God in Britain



Praise the Lord!  Despite many challenges including those from the pandemic, NCCC saw a significant increase in the size of our congregation as we re-opened for physical Sunday services last summer.  God has given us an opportunity to live out the Gospel in Nottingham and beyond.  As we step into the second half of a century in the history of NCCC, let us reflect and practise what it means to be living as the people of God in Britain.


We will study in depth the messages of Exodus, the Sermon on the Mount, and 1 Peter.  Exodus describes the wonders of God in saving the Israelites from oppression into forming a new nation to worship him and to witness to those nations around them.  Moses received his commands on Mount Sinai as to how God wanted his people to live.  Unfortunately they did not live as expected of them.  As the ‘second Moses’, Jesus preached the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ when he gathered a new people of God beyond a single nation.  The discourse is like a ‘manifesto’ as he inaugurated a new kingdom.  A few decades later, Peter wrote to the churches in many Roman provinces reminding the primarily Gentile Christians how to live, in the midst of persecutions in a secular society, as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a people belonging to God. 

May the word of God inspire us to witness Christ and declare the glory of God, as we live, study and work in Britain!



a) Preaching on Sundays is based on the message of (i) Exodus; (ii) Sermon on the Mount; and (iii) 1 Peter.  Topics and texts follow the structure as outlined  by the respective series in ‘The Bible Speaks Today (BST).   This plan is made available to all speakers upon confirmation of invitation. 

b) All midweek fellowship groups are encouraged to follow the same pattern in their activities, with a focus on ‘putting things into practice’ i.e. discussion on how the group may apply the message heard on the previous Sunday in their unique context.  This plan is made available to all coordinators, who are encouraged to purchase the respective books as references.

c) Combined services – For the ‘theme highlights’, sharing of testimonies alternates with children’s talk.  The first ‘theme highlight’ in the first Sunday of the year focuses on introduction of the theme. 

[1] Motyer, Alex, The Message of Exodus, Leicester: IVP, 2005; Stott, John, The Message of the Sermon on the Mount, London: IVP, 2020; Clowney, Edmund, The Message of 1 Peter, London: IVP, 2021.