Nottingham Chinese Christian Church (NCCC) –

Theme and Preaching Schedule 2021

THEME:        Transforming lives



NCCC has been through a challenging time in recent years, with further impacts added due to the pandemic.  In 2021, we remember the grace of God as we celebrate half of a century’s opportunity He has provided to witness His Son Jesus Christ.  Many lives have been transformed in the last five decades.  As we give thanks and look forward, we would like to continue to be a community where lives inside become mature and lives outside are reached and renewed by the Holy Spirit. 


We will study in depth the book of Acts, and the message of the Holy Spirit and of the church.  The book of Acts has been called the Acts of the apostles and of the Holy Spirit.  It is part of the two-volume Luke-Acts.  The first volume closes with the resurrection of Jesus, following which lives of the apostles were transformed.  In the second volume, we see a completely different life of the newly formed community, the church, thriving despite challenges due to persecution, all because the Holy Spirit was working with them behind the scenes. 


As we celebrate NCCC’s 50th anniversary, we wish to commit to live a different life, a transformed life, both individually and as a church, filled by the Holy Spirit, so that everyone who crosses our paths will have their lives transformed.



a)    Preaching on Sundays is based on the message of (i) Acts; (ii) Holy Spirit; and (iii) Church.  Topics and texts follow the structure as outlined  by the respective series in ‘The Bible Speaks Today (BST).   This plan is made available to all speakers upon confirmation of invitation.  
b)    All midweek fellowship groups are encouraged to follow the same pattern in their activities, with a focus on ‘putting things into practice’ i.e. discussion on how the group may apply the message heard on the previous Sunday in their unique context.  This plan is made available to all coordinators, who are encouraged to purchase the respective books as references.
c)    Combined services – For the ‘theme highlights’, sharing of testimonies alternates with children’s talk.  The first ‘theme highlight’ in the first Sunday of the year focuses on introduction of the theme.  

1  Scott, John, The Message of Acts, Nottingham: IVP, 2012 (with Study Guide); Warrington, Keith, The Message of the Holy Spirit, Nottingham: IVP, 2009 (with Study Guide); Green, Chris, The Message of the Church, Nottingham: IVP, 2013 (with Study Guide).