Nottingham Chinese Christian Church (NCCC) –

Theme and Preaching Schedule 2020

THEME    -    Praying together, participating in mission


As part of the three-stage development plan agreed (Please refer to ‘NCCC – Moving Forward’ (Aug 2016)), the theme in 2017 was ‘Moving forward as a united community’.  We have since had two yearly themes, namely, ‘Imitating Christ, committing to serve’ (2018) and ‘Practising an authentic faith’ (2019).  In 2019, we had a taster on what mission might look like.

In 2020, we will pick up two areas, which we feel that there is room for further improvement, in order that NCCC may flourish on a medium and longer term.  One is prayer, particularly praying together as a church.  The other is mission, with a stronger sense of looking outward – evangelising and care for justice etc. outside the walls of NCCC. 


a) Preaching on Sundays is based on the message of (i) Prayer and (ii) Mission.  Topics and texts follow the structure as outlined by the respective series in ‘The Bible Speaks Today (BST). [1],[2]  This plan is made available to all speakers upon confirmation of invitation. 

b) All midweek fellowship groups are encouraged to follow the same pattern in their activities, with a focus on ‘putting things into practice’ i.e. discussion on how the group may apply the message heard on the previous Sunday in their unique context.  This plan is made available to all coordinators, who are encouraged to purchase the respective books as references.

c) Combined services – For the ‘theme highlights’, sharing of testimonies alternates with children’s talk.  The first ‘theme highlight’ in the first Sunday of the year focuses on introduction of the theme.  What is new this year is that for most combined 

[1] Chester, Tim, The Message of Prayer, Nottingham: IVP, 2011 (with Study Guide).

[2] Peskett, Howard and Vinoth Ramachandra, The Message of Mission, Nottingham: IVP, 2012 (with Study Guide).

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