Recruitment of Church Minister

We are seeking to appoint a Church Minister to develop and implement a strategy for evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care and counselling, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Chinese population in the Nottingham district.  If you would like any further information or to discuss this post prior to your application, please contact us (See ‘Contacts’ page). 





我们诚意征聘教牧同工 ,以扩展和实践宣讲福音、门徒训练、教牧关怀和辅导。 主要对象是诺定咸(诺丁汉)地区的华人,其次为其他民族。 如你想索取更详尽资料或在申请前先作讨论,请联络我们。 (见”联络”网页)