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更新: 25th July 2020






政府在明天7 月19 日結束限制,有關最新資訊請瀏覽政府網頁gov.uk。雖然法律沒有規定,我們仍建議你在繁忙的公眾地方帶口罩和勤洗手。


我們仍然繼續採用臉書進行網上崇拜直到8 月1 日當我們再次開始實體崇拜。在8 月份期間我們仍會錄影主日崇拜,在臉書和YouTube 播放,讓未能返教會的弟兄姊妹收看。團契繼續用Zoom 或WhatsApp 聚會直至另行通知。所有活動如疫情前一樣如常舉行。教會鼓勵弟兄姊妹參與不同的聚會和團契。


8 月返回實體教會聚會 — 消息更新

已經建立一個網上門票登記制度,會每週開放登記門票。不懂得使用網上登記系統的長者們,請發短訊至教會的WhatsApp 群組登記門票,電話號碼07512 858 754


8 月1 日(連同聖餐)

門票在星期日7 月18 日早上9 時至星期五7 月30 日下午5 時開放登記。請注意,這星期的門票會優先安排給長者會眾。當所有門票已被預訂,登記系統會停止。請點擊下面的鏈接登記:



- 整個8 月份是聯合崇拜,崇拜在下午2 時開始。

- 進入教會地方將有人數限制,因此需要登記座位。每位小孩都計一個座位,並一定要留在父母身邊。

- 最多4 張門票。

- 整個崇拜都必須要帶口罩。

- 將不會設置茶點,但你可以帶自己的飲料。

- 崇拜結束後,請按照崇拜主席或司事指引離開,讓我們可以維持社交距離。

- 歡迎大家在教會外面空地自由傾談和問好,但請不要阻塞出口。


請注意,為讓我們能專注於順利過渡返回實體教會聚會,每月祈禱會將延至8 月15 日舉行。


政府將在7 月19 日結束限制,所有計劃會隨之而轉變,我們會透過週刊和教會的臉書網頁通知大家有關的消息更新。

* 請點擊此處        進到本教會的臉書觀看講道直播。

  或到 "網上講道錄音/影片" 觀看過往講道。



Welcome and greetings to brothers and sisters in Christ, especially to newcomers who have found us online. We look forward to meeting up again soon when it is safe to do so.


The government plans to end restrictions tomorrow, 19th July. Please refer to government guidelines on gov.uk for the latest information. Although not mandatory, we advise you should still wear a mask in busy public places and keep hands sanitised.


We will keep meeting online using Facebook for our services until 1st August, when we start to hold physical services again. During the month of August, we will also have a recording of Sunday services on Facebook and YouTube for those who cannot attend the church. Fellowship meetings will continue as usual on Zoom/WhatsApp until further notice. All activities continue normally as pre-pandemic and the church encourages you to take part in the various meetings and fellowships.


Returning to physical church in August – Update

A booking system has been set up, and tickets will need to be booked for each week when released. For the elderly who cannot use the online system, please reserve your ticket by messaging the church on WhatsApp number 07512 858 754.


1st August (with Holy Communion):

Tickets will be available to book for this service from Sunday 18th July, 9am to Friday 30th July, 5pm. Please note that for this week, priority tickets will be given to the elderly congregation. Booking options will close once all tickets are fully booked. Click link below:



- Service will start at 2pm and will be combined for the month of August.

- There will be a limit to the number of people allowed into the church premises, therefore, seats will need to be booked. Each child will count as one seat and must stay with the parent.

- A maximum of 4 tickets only.

- Masks must be worn in the service at all times.

- As of this week, singing is still not permitted.

- There will be no refreshments but you are welcome to bring your own.

- At the end of the service, please leave as directed by the service chairperson or stewards so we can maintain distancing.

- Feel free to chat and catch up with each other outside in the church grounds, and do not block the exit.


Please note that the monthly prayer meeting will be postponed until the 15th August in order for us to focus on a smoother transition back to physical worship.


The government will be making end of restriction announcements on the 19th July so everything planned is subject to change. We will keep everyone updated of any changes in the bulletin and on our Facebook page.

*Please click here         for NCCC facebook live broadcast.

  or for past sermon  please visit ‘’Online Sermon audio/video recordings’’.

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聚會 / 團契Gathering / Fellowship
日期 Date
時間 Time
聚會方式 Way of Assembling
聯絡 Contact
祈禱會 Prayer Meeting
第一個主日 First Sunday of the month
中午 12:00 noon
職員會職員 Council Members
主日學 Sunday School
星期日 Sunday
下午 3:30 pm
張馮寶燕姊妹 Loretta Po Yin Fung Cheung
咖啡時間Coffee Time
星期日 Sunday
下午 2:30 pm
張國良弟兄 Kwok Leung Cheung
喜樂團契(60歲以上) Joy (Over60 group)
星期二 Tuesday
任何時間 Any Time
陳貴儲弟兄 Kwai Chu Chan
喜悅團契 (中年) Delight (Mid age group)
星期三 Wednesday
下午 1:30 pm
周梁美心姊妹 Mei Sum Leung Chow
國語 Mandarin
星期三 Wednesday
中午 12:00 noon
許徐春燕姊妹 Chunyan Xu
英文 English
星期五 Friday
晚上 8:30 pm
Skype / WhatsApp
莊敏玲 / 鄭鄧言嫣 / 陳慧儀姊妹 Angela Chong / Fion Tang / Wai Yee Chan