URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT 緊急通告(21/03/2020)

In view of the latest guidelines from the government in dealing with Conoravirus situation, and that St Nic's Church is closing the church building from the 17th March, the NCCC church council would like to announce with deepest regret, that we have to suspend the Sunday Service, Sunday School and fellowships with immediate effect.  For this special period, please DO NOT come to St Nic's Church for assembly until further notice.

The council has studied the possibility to use Facebook Live Stream to deliver the sermon (not the whole Sunday Service process due to limited resources).  We are contacting the speakers to find out who can support the FLS sermon. (Please click here for "Online Semon Broadcast")

The church council will review the situation on a regular basis, as according to the government’s advice and St Nic’s updates, and will inform you immediately for any changes.

May God bless you and keep you, may He strengthen us all, and may we be encouraged to spend more personal time with God as well as caring for one another.

The NCCC Church Council

因應政府的最新抗疫指引, 及 St Nic's 決定由三月十七日起關閉教會會堂, NCCC 職員會很遺憾地通知大家, 我們須要暫時停止主日崇拜, 主日學及團契, 並須即時生效. 故在這暫時停止期間 請勿 回到 St Nic's 聚會直至另通告為止.

職員會進行研究用面書直播方式講道 (因資源所限不是進行整個崇拜過程). 現正聯絡講員是否可配合. (詳情請按此進入"網上講道直播")

職員會會密切留意政府的指引與 St Nic's 方面的訊息, 並會定時檢討, 有任何轉變都會立即通知大家.

願  神祝福及保守大家. 求  主加添我們力量, 鼓勵我們更好運用這特殊時期與  神一起, 也不忘關顧其他會眾.


St Nicholas' Church,

79 Maid Marian Way,

Nottingham NG1 6AE

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